How Does God Work?

Yes, people, especially a lot of skeptics, expect divine miracles to be blatantly obvious manifestations of god, or his power… instead of simply beating outrageous odds.

I have always argued that if God exists, his power to change reality would be subtle, and it would come in the form of manipulating chance.

That pesky quantum randomness that mysteriously seems to be causeless… quite inexplicably. Given enough of the same persuasion, Im sure the Newtonian can be influenced… forces will coalesce and waveforms will reinforce, if enough “random” events for some inexplicable reason hold the same “value”, for lack of a better term. And bam, you have a sufficiently strong force applied to Newtonian things.

Now, for God to come down directly and obviously would be contradictory to dogma. But more than that, it would become paradoxical, I think, for such a being to exist/manifest in a Newtonian sense. Atheists criticize god for having self-contradictory attributes, and assuming for a moment that these criticisms dont have rebuttals of their own in interpretation, all it proves is that god is not Newtonian… as self-contradiction is permitted in quantum physics, after all, but the atheist does not reject the science.

Its sort of like the criticism that “can god make a rock too heavy for him to lift?”, supposedly proving that he is in fact not omnipotent, for one reason or another.  But the criticism obfuscates a baser semantic issue.  What is it to “lift” in the first place? And how can he do such a thing at all without a tangible body with which to lift?  Such a body would have to be infinitely massive and infinitely strong.  The real question is, “Is God willing to make such a body, or enact an omnipotent ability, that fundamentally contradicts the laws of biology and of physics that he had already set forth at creation?”  Or, “is god willing to be a liar or a hypocrite?”  The atheistic criticism basically boils down to “your god isnt a liar or a hypocrite, therefore he doesnt exist.”

How to Write More Goodly

I took this list off of several websites (you can find many of them scattered about the internet).  They weren’t all identical, however.  I have consolidated these lists into one and I am actively searching for more of these ironical statements of improving ones writing. I find it both educational and humorous.  Enjoy…

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“Let’s Hang Out as Friends Before We Consider Romance”

I have consolidated a list of three possible reasons women say this line to a man who asks her out on a date.

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The Dilemmas of the Job

I work in a restaurant. I wont say which or where.  I hate hypocrisy. I hate double standards. I hate capitalist agendas and bureaucracy.  I hate the fakeness of “going through the motions.”  Over the past several months I have observed, and been told by management, how to be and what to do, and generally policed over by contradictory rules and forced into zero-option scenarios, where the only way out is guaranteed to be a wrong way.
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Friendliness, Intimacy, Charm, and Creepiness

I have a friend… more of an acquaintance… who recently moved a couple hours away for university. She posted on her Facebook status how a guy sitting next to her in class was “creepy”. Apparently he was “violating her bubble” in his endeavor to be friendly.

I responded to her criticisms of him with this…
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Voting Paradox – Majority Out of Three

Is a majority vote out of three still a majority vote out of three if the first two votes are voiced and heard by all before the third vote is even cast?

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“If I Was a Betting Man…”

I have heard this expression before, many times.  I have even used it once or twice. But after a few minutes of thought, I realized how absurd the expression is.  That is, from a logical and rhetorical perspective.  I realized it today and laughed out loud at the thought of what the expression really means, and the mentality of those who think/thought it makes sense (myself included).

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Switching the Track

Imagine you are at the train track switch. Down the main track there are ten kids playing on the track. Down the second unused track there is only one. A train comes, the track is aligned toward the ten kids. Do you switch the track and sacrifice the one?

Most people would answer yes, switch the track.  Not to sound callous, but I’m here to tell you how wrong that is.

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On Website’s Priorities and Advertisements

Most of you may not have noticed this. I certainly would not have if not for a run of bad luck a while back.

Modern computers run fast. The internet is fast. And there are plenty of websites out there that serve web pages whose contents are almost exclusively advertisement… to my everlasting frustration.

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Criticisms of EBT

Since I started receiving food stamps, I have observed a few trends and phenomenon which I disapprove of and think should be corrected. The system is bogus.

For one, anyone on food stamps can buy junk food. Ice cream, chips, soda pop. These products have near zero nutritional value. Its no wonder the people who need EBT in the first place are the sort of “American trash” that end up with health problems, too. Junk food makes you slow, lazy, depressed, unwilling to work. It carries a huge psychological weight beyond that of the physical weight you will also inevitably bare.

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