What’s Wrong with Killing Cops?

Okay okay, killing is wrong. Its immoral, everyone knows that. I wont state otherwise, nor am I stating that cop-killing is any better. But it sure isnt worse.

But… and this is what I don’t understand… why is cop-killing so exaggerated and emphasized on our society. You see it in the news… “he’s a cop killer, we don’t tolerate that in LA”… or on television dramas like CSI and SVU, “cop killer this, cop killer that”.

I’m wondering why its such of a big deal.

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Sorry? About Confessions and Apologies

Apologies are meaningless if people don’t learn from their mistakes. I don’t care how sincere an apology is, if someone does the same thing again later then they aren’t actually learning, and they never actually cared about how you felt… only about how they felt. It wasn’t consideration for you that made them feel guilty, it was having to face you after the fact. They thought, perhaps, that you were owed an apology. People who apologize only to alleviate their own sense of guilt don’t deserve their apology to be accepted.

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What are High Aspirations? Success?

I have been accused by some of not having high aspirations. Of being unmotivated and of being apathetic or slovenly about life. Its interesting really, to know where others place their values.

People make note of the fact that I haven’t established a professional career, even though I am aged as I am. They make note of the fact that I am attending college at my age, but still don’t have a degree. They make note that I am not rich or well-off, that I don’t have a nice car.

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The Sinlessness of Selfless Sin; Nature of Selfishness

The question was asked of me

Would you save your own child, or the lives of 400 people, if you had to pick between the two?

I think most would like to say that they would save the 400, even if they would feel the confusion of the ethical dilemma in practice, and might even pick contrarily. In reality I do believe that altruism tends to favor kin.

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