Indecisive or “Undecisive”?

I often times didn’t make decisions when my ex was involved… I let her make a lot of decisions. In fact, she accused me of being indecisive. But it wasn’t true, and it need not ever be necessarily true of someone.

The reason I didn’t make many decisions was because I chose to refrain from making a decision that didn’t matter to me. Being unwilling to make an arbitrary decision isn’t the same as being indecisive. Choosing not to decided is a decision. Not deciding something (i.e. being “undecisive”) is not at all the same as not being able or being afraid to make a decision (i.e. indecisive).

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Positive (Not Reverse) Prejudice

I don’t know if such a term as “positive prejudice” is even recognized by English speakers. As far as I know, I made it up myself. So, if it does exist already, I may be defining it significantly differently. Don’t bother with the term itself or what its supposed to mean, I am trying to argue an observation here as I perceive it.

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Human Evolutionary Dead-End

I believe that humanity has reached its evolutionary capacity and will not be able to continue evolving.

Its important to understand that evolution is random and has no intentions or goals in mind. Unless you believe in divine influence, that is. Evolution has no plans or objectives, there is no preplanned, destined, predictable evolutionary state for any species. Evolution is merely a mechanism by which one species changes to better coexist with its environment.

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Why I Won’t Date a Bisexual

My personal beliefs about bisexuality and homosexuality aside, my criticisms of the two aside, I do have a legitimate and practical reason to reject bisexual women in the face of an otherwise possible romantic relationship.

Its has been my observation, for one, that a lot of women, to say nothing of bisexual women, hold a double-standard to the appropriateness of such tendencies. A lot of women that I have met, bisexuals included, find that male bisexuality is a turn off for them, that somehow male-on-male actions is inherently more “dirty” than female-on-female action. I find that unjustifiable and hypocritical. Though I am not bisexual, I do not appreciate the company of a woman who permits it in herself and her friends, but not in me.

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