Human Evolutionary Dead-End

I believe that humanity has reached its evolutionary capacity and will not be able to continue evolving.

Its important to understand that evolution is random and has no intentions or goals in mind. Unless you believe in divine influence, that is. Evolution has no plans or objectives, there is no preplanned, destined, predictable evolutionary state for any species. Evolution is merely a mechanism by which one species changes to better coexist with its environment.

Humans are already at the top of the food chain. We are ravaging our planets natural resources and populating every corner. Our intelligence gives us the ability to deal with any and every situation Earth throws at us. It isn’t just our bodies natural evolutionary state that gives us the potential, but our technological advances make us especially adept.

We need to understand the mechanisms of evolution, though. Evolution isn’t just a gene mutation. Its a gene mutation that has a benefit to survival. Its a positive genetic mutation that spreads to many other individuals in following generations. Those that do not have the gene must be placed at a disadvantage severe enough to cause the near extinction of the characteristic in a population – in order for that old, weak characteristic to be filtered out and a slightly improved species to emerge.

The evolutionary mechanism simply will not happen for our species. Sure, genes will mutate. Some may even provide slight advantage to performance… but not to survival.

In a world where physical superficiality is a dying, secondary prerequisite to finding a mate; in a world where the gene pool is unrestricted and unregulated, procreation and the spread of both positive and negative genetic mutations will neither be filtered nor spread evenly throughout the population. All characteristics will persist, and manifest according to natural probabilities.

In a world where physical superficiality does exist, even positive mutation that manifests will be looked down on as odd and unusual, placing these mutants at a social disadvantage and making them feel ousted from the gene pool.

Even the most severe of negative genetic mutations/characteristics that would have caused death will simply be treated with technology and medicine. Those that would/should die as a consequence of natural selection will not – they will live at least long enough to procreate and spread those genes. Medical science will not only allow “lesser” people to survive and live productively, but to mask their mutations and genetic flaws with surgery and early treatment. Medical science, in fact, may eventually be able to cure genetic mutation all together.

We, as a species, have already reached the pinnacle of evolutionary necessity. No mutation will aid our survival, and so no mutation will find its way homogeneously into a new-and-improved population. If the gene survives at all.

How else might a human being evolve? Four arms and six fingers for added dexterity? People are quick to think evolution is a guided phenomenon, and that we will have psychic powers. What is the evolutionary, survivability advantage?

No, there is no evolutionary future for our species. Unless we quit technology, ignored thought and intellectual progress, abandoned out cities, technology, schools, and tools; and reverted back to our cave-man ancestors. Then and only then do we put ourself in a position where evolution will be both necessary and possible. When we have taken a few genetic leaps as a species, and assuming we haven’t evolved to lose our intelligence, we can reclaim our place as most supreme species.



5 Responses to “Human Evolutionary Dead-End”

  1. morpheus2009 Says:

    I agree, Cogito. The earth does not have a higher ecological niche for us to evolve into. Life must be supported, and the means for that support must exist before evolution can project life forms into that prospective ecological niche.

    • CogitoErgoCogitoSum Says:

      Indeed. There is no biological need, no evolutionary imperative. We have already conquered nature, and it is to our detriment.

  2. morpheus2009 Says:

    Imagine the various hominid species who were fighting for our ecological niche. I think I read that there were over a dozen alive simultaneously before the winnowing process left the world with but two: Homo Sapiens & Homo Neanderthalis.

    Neanderthals only died out about 100,000 years ago! And, they’ve been able to genetically prove that they did not interbreed with Homo Sapiens. Our species out played, out lived and out lasted all other competitors.

    • CogitoErgoCogitoSum Says:

      Yes indeed. In fact, I might be wrong here, but if I do remember correctly the latest theory is that neanderthals and homo… whatevers… actually inbred and re-merged into a single species. From a divergence of species back into one, or something to that effect. Of course, if they were capable of breeding at all then they werent separate species. But, eh, I dont know my evolution theory that well.

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    […] Human Evolution/Extinction and Technology June 27, 2009 — CogitoErgoCogitoSum I have argued before that humanity has reached a pinnacle of evolution and will not continue to evolve. (See: Human Evolutionary Dead-End) […]

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