Is it “PC”, or Political Correctness?

I’m against the whole Politically Correct fad. There is no such thing.

The phrase “mentally retarded” was once PC. Sure, there are more accurate ways of labeling specific legitimate conditions. But it amounts to the same. Each and every PC term we currently have will eventually make it into pop culture and as a standardized term… and from there, it will become an offensive word.

PC is only PC when its a technical term used solely by the professional community to describe topics of objective study. When regular Joe’s start using “mentally handicapped” instead of “mentally retarded,” the term loses its PC objectivity and becomes an insult to somebody somewhere…

Why? Because the term will be abused and used with negative connotation by those who chose to be offensive. Ignorance of the layman. It will be misused and misunderstood by most everyone, and deliberately so by a few. Then, we will have to invent a new PC term. And we have. “Mentally handicapped” is no longer unoffensive and therefore no longer PC. Whats the latest term this month? I have no idea.

Eventually we will be expected to be “psychic”… forced to call people by their specific medical condition, even though we have no way of knowing it… or else not label them at all and therefore not have the capacity to discuss them. Aren’t all conditions that haven’t already been studied only stumbled into by a novice and discussed and scientifically explored only after the fact? Ignorance of a subject justifies a layman’s terminology.

I just decide not to keep up. People can be offended if they chose to be. Call me a “honky” if you want, I only take offense if you mean it in an offensive way… your intention is what ultimately matters. When I use the word “retard” I’m only trying to communicate a word, a noun, a concept, a general topic of discussion… not an insult or an opinion. My opinion lies in the content and the context of the sentences I piece together with non-PC words, not in the non-PC words themselves.

I think our society needs to realize this… or else we will have dictionaries in a few decades full of expired PC terms that are now listed as slang insults and derogatory remarks. Words that have been forcefully removed from the professional vocabulary on account that the uneducated and overly-sensitive laymen community takes offense to perfectly legitimate descriptive words. We are currently stuck in an endless cycle of replacing one PC term with another… except the old one isn’t considered one any more and no one seems to realize this.



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