Human Evolution/Extinction and Technology

I have argued before that humanity has reached a pinnacle of evolution and will not continue to evolve. (See: Human Evolutionary Dead-End)

It occurs to me, though, that we are in fact heading in the opposite direction. We are going to de-evolve, at least in the sense that our negative genetic characteristics will eventually dominate our positive ones. Our survivability as a species will taper off and decline. We are heading for a slow extinction brought on by technology and science.

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Know Thy Self: Accepting Criticism

Nobody knows who they are. If you did, you wouldn’t be discovering new things about yourself through experience and introspection. And failure to learn new things about yourself doesn’t prove you do know yourself; it may only prove that you are blind to your own truths.

The self is one of the most difficult things to know… the self is the most impossible person to understand.

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Vegetarianism and Hypocrisy

What can I say about vegetarians? Or vegans for that matter? I have quite a few criticisms.

The desire to live healthily is admirable. The desire to live morally is all the more so. But how healthy are these lifestyles? How righteous are they? And above all, what are the hypocrisies of the vegetarian?

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North Pole Riddles

If an animal takes ten steps southwards, ten more steps eastwards, then ten more steps northwards, just to arrive at the same place he started… what’s the animal?

I’m sure everyone has heard that riddle before. The animal is at the north pole, hence the confusing geometry. And what animals are at the north pole?

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