Transsexuals and Their Treatment

In response to an article criticizing transphobes and hate by citing the death rate of transsexual people.  The article cited that within the last six months or so, 83 transsexuals have been murdered worldwide.

Not to sound callous here… but let me toss in a few variables for you to consider.

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I Motion to Unlegalize Equality

I realize no law actually specifies a race or gender by name, they merely make a point to grant equality “regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, color,” and “gender.” I realize that no laws are in effect that specific a race and reverses prejudicial roles (granted, reverse prejudice does exist, but that is a different issue entirely).

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Homosexuality and the Church

This post is in response to a fellow blogger who reported on a Bishop of Church of England. It is not the intention of this post to mock or criticize or insult the homosexual community. But frankly I don’t understand why this tension exists between the Church and the community.

Why is it so offensive to the homosexual community to be rejected by their associated faiths?

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Cyber-Communication for a Cyber-Relationship

I do believe that not just the cyber world, but technology in general, has served to undermine truly intimate relationships. This post is in response to a fellow bloggers post Thoughts on Social Networking.

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Bisexuality That Really Isn’t

I believe that there is another type of bisexual. Actually, not really a bisexual at all. In fact, let me backtrack… I wish to criticize the notion that all women are a ‘little’ bi.  I am referring to an article by a fellow blogger titled Bisexuals on Parade (posted one year ago today) in which the author argued that several different types of bisexual women existed, and also argued that all women are a little bit bi.  I wish to argue that there is yet another unmentioned type of bisexual which undermines the notion that all women are a little bi, as it is more of a criticism of societies impressionableness and how easily confused one can be made.

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When Celebrities are Bad

This post is in response to two separate bloggers about Michael Jackson and Jessica Alba. The first one is by a fellow blogger and can be read here.

It’s not my general genre of post to get into celebrity gossip, but I suppose in its limited fashion this post is a criticism of society, law, and the like, and is a bit of a philosophical inquiry in its own right. With all of the Michael Jackson drama lately, I have seen more than a few points and posts made. I cant help but to ask the next level of question.

According to the above referenced blog post, and countless others in the blogosphere, a little boy named Jordy has apparently “come clean” by admitting the accusations of molestation against Michael Jackson has been a lie all along.

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