Homosexuality and the Church

This post is in response to a fellow blogger who reported on a Bishop of Church of England. It is not the intention of this post to mock or criticize or insult the homosexual community. But frankly I don’t understand why this tension exists between the Church and the community.

Why is it so offensive to the homosexual community to be rejected by their associated faiths?

If you want to be a part of the religion then you have to accept its doctrines. Or else you’re simply not a part of the religion. Mutilating a faith and its doctrines just so you can be accepted serves no purpose other than to force a social group to embrace you for your sexuality. This is a sort of emotional, political and social blackmail.

Even the Devil believes in God, right? I don’t get what the homosexual communities issue is. If you aim to change the religion then you’d might as well abandon it or create your own occult practice, because that is just as good as changing the one that is there. I’m sorry that you feel unaccepted by them, but if that is the case then that is the case. It is what it is.

Accept the religion for what it is or don’t accept it at all… why the religious intolerance? Is that not hypocritical of you? You criticize the religion for a lack of tolerance for you, but you fail to tolerate the religion for what it stands for.

What are you accomplishing by mutilating a religion and its beliefs just so that you can be accepted into it? Would that help to validate you? Would it help you to feel better and sleep better at night? Does it alleviate your own guilt for being gay? Would religious acceptance make you feel less of a sinner? I imagine it does work like that.

You might be able to force societies and laws to change, but you cannot force a religion. A religion is by definition spiritual, transcendental in nature. At least, anyone who would want to be a part of the church would validate the fact that religions purport to be associated with spiritual matters. God has spoken, right? The law-setter? No amount of petitioning will change Gods mind about homosexuality. If you don’t accept that then you don’t believe in the faith. What more is there for you to do?

For law to step in and force those church doors open for you doesn’t mean the church itself accepts you, nor the religion or its people. For law to step in is a direct violation of church and state segregation laws. For law to step in, you are not seen any higher in Gods eyes. Society may embrace you. Law may back you. Churches might have to let you into their doors. But St. Peter doesn’t have to open that gate for you.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. No matter how offensive an adjective or a lifestyle may be, a sinner is a sinner. Your liberal redefinition of the word doesn’t change its original meaning. Your desperate need to make it sinless doesn’t accomplish the task. If you want to self-righteously be accepted, accept that much about yourselves at least, in accordance with whatever your chosen religion teaches, there is a moral code and it is set. Either accept the sin of it, or reject the religion itself. There is no compromise.

I question whether or not you realize the loose connection and false association between the agenda you are engaged in – the result you seek – and ultimately the result that will be had. You wont find heavenly embrace from God, recognition by the church, simply by waving a flag of man-law around.

My point is simple. If you believe in the Christian religion then believe in it in full, and don’t just pick your pieces and hope to slide by unnoticed. Blackmailing the physical world wont earn a place in heaven for you. Like I said, even the Devil believes in God. You can still believe in God and believe you’re going to hell at the same time, right? In fact, that sort of self-doubt is humble and virtuous, quite unlike the guilty Christians who confidently believe they are going to be sitting right next to Christ during every dinner, overly confident that they have earned a place in heaven, lower their guard and let sin set in. Surprise! No, accept the sin of it and maybe then you will find acceptance from God.

If you truly believe in the faith and aren’t just trying to mock or undermine it, then accept it as the case that its doctrines are beyond this world and beyond any social changes you manage to implement. Any attempt to change it is an admission that you dont truly adhere to it, and do indeed feel guilty for your sexuality. Your attempts to change your religions is a desperate act to alleviate your own sense of guilt.

The same is true with the marriage issue. A “Civil Union” may be the next step for you under law. But don’t expect a spiritual “marriage” by the church, under God, to be recognized. When it comes to legal matters you turn to law for change. When it comes to spiritual matters you also turn to law for change. Don’t you think that you should be appeasing the church, instead of the state, in matters of religion?

As a religious and spiritual construct, marriage is what you seek to achieve. As a social and legal construct, the notion of civil unity is far less meaningful and is less to the end of what you seek. I find it odd that many heterosexuals argue against marriage, citing the divorce rate, and many argue that “you don’t need to be married to prove you love someone” – the criticize marriage as a ridiculous religious construct and that all people truly want are the societal benefits of the union. On the other hand, homosexuals come along and they argue the counter-point – how important marriage is to them. I suspect homosexuals don’t want marriage because they want it, I suspect they want it because thus far society has told them that they cant. Even if they were allowed civil unions under law, they may still fight against the churches to recognize a spiritual marriage – just for spite.

By mutilating the religions ideals just to find acceptance in whatever remains, you undermine the very religion you claim you want to be a part of. I’m sorry, but I question the legitimacy of your motives. Personally, I think that you suffer a delusional false belief that forcing a church, a body of men, to recognize you; that somehow God will as well. I think that it is a form of perversion to actively undermine a religion, not unlike atheists, under the false premise of virtuosity. The churches believe that you lack moral fortification. It seems true from my perspective in light of these realizations.



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