I Motion to Unlegalize Equality

I realize no law actually specifies a race or gender by name, they merely make a point to grant equality “regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, color,” and “gender.” I realize that no laws are in effect that specific a race and reverses prejudicial roles (granted, reverse prejudice does exist, but that is a different issue entirely).

The point of this blog entry is merely to point out that the laws granting equality, irrelevant of such superficialities, undermines the objective of having them in place. The words themselves – not what they say, but their mere existence – speaks more of actual social mentality than to actual rights and privileges held within out society. This blog says nothing of the reversal of prejudices or the rights and privileges of those in society, it only speaks to what it says of our society to have to have laws in place in the first place.

Any form of legalized or legally enforced desegregation is a negative point on society. It’s bad because law has to intervene when morals and ethics are obviously insufficient! The truth is, any law that prevents prejudice and protects those segregated against only proves how prejudiced we really are as a society. A society truly just and without prejudice would need no laws telling them to be such.

Any law “forcing” equality to be recognized only forces it to be recognized in legal terms, not in social order. And laws that interfere with ones inherent prejudices only reinforces those prejudices.

The way I see it, all constitutional amendments, laws, and policies (including equal opportunity laws) that “legalize” equality, instead of recognizing them as inherent truths that need no mention, should be abolished from our legal system. What are such laws really saying? They are saying that the “government grants equality to you, and that those who disregard your state-awarded equality may have to suffer legal repercussions.”

Now, what would be virtuous of our society is if equality was never mentioned in legal context at all… but was common place nonetheless. If people in our society actually truly believed we were all equal and judged one another as individuals alone, without the stigma or threat or promise of law forcing recognition as equals.

I see laws that give promise of equality as a law that announces to the world “We need this law because we aren’t ethical enough to exist without it.”



One Response to “I Motion to Unlegalize Equality”

  1. americannationalfront Says:

    very well stated

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