Transsexuals and Their Treatment

In response to an article criticizing transphobes and hate by citing the death rate of transsexual people.  The article cited that within the last six months or so, 83 transsexuals have been murdered worldwide.

Not to sound callous here… but let me toss in a few variables for you to consider.

First of all, 83 people in half a year is (granted, its too much for any demographic – its too much period), but it’s not an unreasonable statistic.  How many people are in America? How many are in the world? How many people get murdered on a yearly basis or even a daily basis? Your stat on trans people is meaningless without a comparative stat on the general population.

How many people are murdered for other heinous wrongs? Genocide anyone? This happens in our world, but we whine about only the things that afflict our own world.

Furthermore, 83 trans are murdered, eh? How many die of suicide? How many die of self-medicating overdoses? Those numbers far outnumber the murders.

Secondly, consider the lifestyles of most trans people. Pretty much the entire trans community, on whole, as a stereotype, have the same hobbies and lifestyle habits as young kids who get themselves into trouble. Alcohol, night clubs, and all around bad crowds. The entire trans community, the entire demographic, is pretty much statistically on par with only a minor population of American hedonistic young people who do wild and crazy-stupid things. Isn’t that the point to transitioning? To “live it up” in the gender you didn’t have the privilege of knowing sooner?

Consider also that trans people are naive in that they are new to all the threats that exist for anyone else. Not that being a victim is ever the victims fault, but even victims can be more cautious and less stupid. Right? How do you judge someone who chooses to live a life ill-prepared for it, knowing they are ill-prepared and knowing there are hate-mongers out there?

Now, consider this. There are a lot of transphobes and homophobes out there. Don’t blame them. Blame the tranny that hides his dick until after he takes that drunkard of a man home. Trans people are so desperate to pass that they are unwilling to disclose vital information that makes the difference to people who care. Its deceptive and a bold face lie on their part. And they set themselves up. And where do they pick these abusive ass transphobes up at in the first place? The bar? The night club? Sexual pervs and deviants with alcohol in their system just found out they’ve been lied to by an attractive man. You try holding in your anger!

Point is simple. Transphobes exist. We all know it. Its time for trans people to stop going to low-life joints to find low-life people… and its most definitely time for trans people to quit deceiving people about their true nature. You are not a man, you are not a woman. You are a transsexual. You always will be.  Taking your natural gender away and getting some surgery doesn’t change what you are.

If I got a felinoplasty, would I be a real cat?

If I feel like I should have been born an Asian, does that make me trans-racial?

If I “feel” younger, “on the inside” I mean, should I have the legal right to change my date of birth on my birth certificate to a more recent date?

Above all, is being trans-species, trans-racial, or trans-chronological-age any less legitimate of a “condition”?

Its the same logic.  The birth certificate is a legal and historical documentation citing the conditions under which you were born.  If you were born and classified in one gender (species, race, or date of birth), even if it was wrong and changed later in life, an update or addendum can be made to the document. But to change the original legal paperwork (thought the birthing doctor is not there to sign as witness) is just plain deceptive. Its an attempt to have valid and legal proof that you are something that you are not, so that you can get away with lying more easily.

You think Im mocking, and I am… but can you honestly rebut my criticisms with an intelligent argument? Can you legitimately discern the validity of the conditions trans-racial, trans-species or trans-age from the trans-sexual? Is there a medically relevant and objective basis for the transsexual to take offense to this prospect? And if these conditions are just as valid, does it make sense to be able to change your birth certificate to reflect a different species, race or date-of-birth?  And if it doesnt make sense to allow such changes, why is gender an exception?

Trans-people do a lot to set themselves up, I think. And they disrespect the very men they want to have a relationship with by withholding essential information that these men probably do care to know.  Perhaps I should have titled this post, “The Way Transsexuals Treat Everyone Else”.

I get it. I do. You don’t want to be pursued because your trans. You want to be pursued because “you’re your target gender”. I get it. You want to realize and be treated as the gender you want to be and wish you were… you want to be passable and appreciated. I get it. But that doesn’t justify deceptiveness. Treat men with respect by telling them soon enough, before they become embarrassed… and you wont have an issue. They may keep their distance, but, guess what? They would have eventually found out and kept their distance anyway… or killed you for lying to them.

Murder is wrong – no exception. But many transpeople deserve it, too, for being the douche-bag, hedonistic, liars and deceivers that they are.

83 murders worldwide. Id say its looking pretty positive, considering.



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