Update: I’ve Been Moving

Hello to my readers. I realize that its been a few weeks since my last post. And my posting, what little I have done, has been a bit irregular. I do apologize.

I have had a few developments that have prevented me from spending the time I should on posting.

For one, I am in the process of moving. Actually, Im in the process of finding a place to move to. Then I will move. Its a difficult and arduous task, but a necessary one. My lease is expiring and the home owner had decided to sell the house, so I cannot resign a new lease if I wanted to.

Secondly, my roommate has neglected to pay the cable bill. Though we all split the costs equally, it is in her name and its her cable account, and so its her obligation to settle the debt with the cable company. She neglected to pay, and so we have been out of cable internet services for the past couple of weeks. I have been coming to the library for slow, infrequent access.

In fact, I have an entire discourse to post on regarding this roommate.  I shall do so in due time. Suffice it to say she is a backstabber and as fake as anyone I have ever met.  She has attempted to defraud me on our last few weeks together and now I currently have a small claims law suit pending against her.  I hate being forced into something like this, its the first time in my life and I take no pride in it.  But neither would I be any more prideful if I let her walk on me.  More on that to come, Im sure.

Have a good day (or week) and I shall hope to post my regular philosophical discourses within the next couple of weeks.


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