Update: Hello. Im Back

Hello everyone.  Im back.  Actually, Ive been back for a couple of weeks but had a lot of other things to catch up on.  Blogging is – was – sort of on the back burner.

My situation in life is a bit different now, so my blog posting may not be as frequent or regular as they used to be before I moved.  Hey, its not like Ive been blogging for that long. I still need time to adapt and get into the habit.  I doubt I have many regular readers anyway, if any.  I hope I didnt disappoint my loyalists.

If you recall from my last post I was engaged in a law suit with someone.  I won the case. I knew I would.  And now I know how to go about suing someone in the event its necessary.

Its odd, though.  The suit wasnt for much, only about $200.  I sued mostly for pride than for money.  I went in expecting to win the full $200.  The judge found insufficient proof to hold the defendant accountable for $80.  Okay, that sucked – midway through the trial I knew Id be getting back no more than $120. But in the end, after the judge went over the numbers herself, awarded me $230.  I got back more than I was expecting to – more than I even asked for – even though the defendant got away with $80 that I was owed.

Funny? I dont know.  I dont know whether to be happy and prideful for winning… was my pride satisfied?  Or whether I should feel owed still.

The defendant -amazingly- did not lie under oath. And yet she pulled a better defense out of her asss than I ever expected she could.  I dont have much respect for her intellectual prowess, if you get my sarcastic drift.  She threatened false accusations beforehand.  Lead me to believe she would head in a different direction entirely.  But she did her research on law, as much as I did, and knew what she was able and was not able to argue.  I was impressed.

In truth, I thought I planned for everything.  I formulated pre-written arguments to battle each and every possible thing she could throw out.  Even those things I was sure a judge would disregard and ignore on account of it being irrelevant.  I planned for every avenue I could think of… and yet she pulled something out I didnt anticipate.  I had to come up with argument and rebuttal and demonstrate with the proof I brought it – all on the fly.

Walking away, though, I had fun. A great deal of fun. Its exciting playing rhetoric and posing argument.  I wish I had taken up debate at some point in my academic career.

Speaking of which, I am seriously considering doing a blog series on the following topics: Truth, falsity, rhetoric, fallacy, empiricism, logic, critical thinking, reasoning, etc, etc… pretty much not my philosophies in themselves but an educational series on the very precepts of reason, to educate people in the ways to pursue knowledge and truth.  And, yes, it will include my own observations and criticisms of them; I would include my own notions of some (unnamed) fallacies, in addition to my analysis and mockery of some reasoning standards employed by people all the time that are presumed to be valid but which I consider fallacious for reasons I will explain.  I would also explain why some reasoning standards which are regarded as fallacious by some really arent.

What does the community think of this? It will surely add content to this blog.  I can refer some of my philosophies and arguments to my own articles on truth, to help aid me in making my point.  But I dont want to add too much diversity to my blog for fear of turning off half my patrons with content they dont care about.

I have several blog posts to make over the next few days on the judicial system and its failings.  Keep apprised.

– Cogito


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