Is This the New American Justice?

Something gravely worries me about our notion of justice.  I came across a few articles and vlogs over the past few days on the topic of these men accused of orchestrating the attacks on September 11, 2001 finally going to trial in New York.  These articles – the vlogs mainly – sounded all happy and excited, thanking the world that “justice was finally being served”, criticizing the government for taking so long, and similar such comments.  Well, let me just tell you that I feel some degree of sympathy for those men who are going to trial…

Why should we try the supposed terrorists?

I do not think they should be tried by Americans whatsoever. I think we should ask foreign allies to hold a nonpartisan trial. KSM and his buddies have already effectively been found guilty. We have a rule in the US: “Innocent until proven guilty”… the burden of proof.

If KSM is tried by Americans, he will not get a fair trial. It doesnt matter if he is guilty or not, that is irrelevant. He has every right to have a fair trial. As it stands, he wont be getting it.

The American people are biased. They want revenge. They have been told that KSM is guilty and that is all they care to know. So, KSM is guaranteed to be found guilty – even if he is innocent.  He stands no chance of being found innocent. You and I already know this ahead of time before the trial has even commenced. The trial is just a formality to make America look like the peace-loving, free, and just society we would like to believe we are.

Yes, a few buildings fell down… but what evidence do we have linking KSM to the crime? Will exonerating evidence fall on deaf ears? That is my greatest concern.

No matter where he is tried in the US, he wont stand a chance of being found innocent no matter how innocent he may actually be. This is very sad. Very sad. The fact of the matter is, propaganda, the media, have colored KSM as the undisputed bad guy. The American people resent him.  The entire country hates him. Now what? You honestly expect our justice system to be fair and non-partisan to him?

Do you think that we stand a chance of finding 12 non-partisan individuals to stand this trial?  Even if we did, do you think these individuals would have the ethics to cast their vote equally non-partisan, and to not feel morally blackmailed by our society and by one another into finding him unanimously guilty?

Sad truth… the guy has spent the last 9 years of his life incarcerated for a crime he wasnt even found guilty of yet… while he awaited trial.

Another sad truth. This could happen to any one of you. All the government has to do is accuse you of crimes against humanity, war crimes, terrorism, or what have you… then YOU will spend the next decade of your life awaiting a rigged trial from being prison walls. Does that sound fair to you?

We have compromised all of our rights to fair trial. To innocence until proven guilty. We have given it up for revenge. These terrorists have come to America to destroy us, our ways of life… to show the world that we are hypocrites and that we are evil… to undermine our rights and promises… and we have the arrogance to think that we have won for catching, trying and incarcerating him… when in fact they have won because there is no justice in a system with only one verdict.

Who is looking out for the inherent and inalienable human rights of these supposed terrorists? (I have to say “supposed” because their guilt has yet to be determined.)

They have scared us into giving in without realizing it. And we are lost because we cannot and will not promise the same rights to freedom to someone who hasn’t been found guilty, but will take out our vengeance on someone we think might be guilty instead.

I say we hand him over to an ally for a nonpartisan trial. They may not technically have jurisdiction over crimes committed on sovereign soil – but whats the alternative? I’m sure the UN does have jurisdiction, though, since its a war crime after all and the UN has no sovereign soil except insomuch as it represents all the worlds nations for the greater agenda of peace, justice and humanity… under that pretense alone they ought to take the judiciary lead. They could at least offer – it would make the US look all the worse if we rejected it.  Its better and more just in the long run than any justice these supposed terrorists stand to face on US soil.

I fear that asking for justice is asking too much, and I know that posting this article only makes me look like a sympathizer.  Well, I do sympathize. I sympathize with anyone who is innocent but incarcerated, anyone who isnt given a chance at a defense, anyone whose guilt is presupposed, anyone who has to go through the motions of a bogus trial-for-show knowing the verdict ahead of time, anyone who is punished for eight years first prior to being tried for their crimes. Yes, I sympathize. Even if they are guilty and found to be so, I still sympathize with them for the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of America that they had to endure; no matter how guilty they may be, I sympathize for the poor hand of justice they were dealt by the side who arrogantly claims to be on the moral high ground.

And what if he is found innocent after all of this? What a scandal that would be! What an embarrassment to the US. The American government wont allow it to happen.

After all the devastation, media coverage, anti-Islam hate and propaganda, and all the people that were affected either directly or indirectly, where will we find 12 non-partisan jurors? Jurors that wont feel pressured morally, socially and the like to unanimously vote guilty. These men should be tried in another country by a nonpartisan judicial system, with unbiased jurors – they’d have a better chance of defending themselves if they are innocent, but only in a non-US vengeance-driven trial.

Have we forgotten what a fair trial was? Why do we feel we can neglect giving one in this particular circumstance?



3 Responses to “Is This the New American Justice?”

  1. The Nerd Says:

    Well, if they’re innocent, good luck for them..
    I still haven’t even heard nothing about this (thank God i don’t live in the US) but usually when you’re in some place, you have to behave within the local laws and if not, you’re judged by the local law enforcement group.. So it’s normal that he’s judged there by all of you..
    But as you said, the problem is that everyone already made up their mind before knowing any facts.. That’s why all that people shouldn’t be allowed to participate on the trial.. there shouldn’t be jurors in the trial..
    Anyway, why is that only the US needs a jury on trials?
    I know of any other country with that system.. whatever

    • CogitoErgoCogitoSum Says:

      What are you talking about? Did you even read my post? Did you even comprehend it? I dont get where youre getting your criticisms / comments. I would respond on each remark you made and tear up your response, but I fear that in doing so you wouldnt understand anyway. And I really dont feel like reiterating what I already stated in my post.

      My blog is open to all for intelligent feedback. Its closed to non-intelligent feedback. I guess I should have made the part clearer.

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