Congratulations Due Al Qaeda – Let Me Be the First

Let me be the first to congratulate al Qaeda on a job well done.

Its been a little over eight years now, since your attacks.  It was your agenda to destroy America.  It was your goal to tear us down.  Although you may have meant to achieve this by destroying our economy with the World Trade Centers and our military leadership with the Pentagon, and failed in that regard, your goal was still realized.

Though the means may not have been what you intended, the ends were the same. America is destroyed. America is still being destroyed – at your hands.  Congratulations.

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The Nature of Reality

The question was posed to me:

Is pi – the ratio between the circles circumference and its diameter – a constant approximating 3.14159? How can we be certain that math is ever truly “right”?

As it just so happens, we can be certain that it isn’t. Most of math is in fact wrong.

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Who Cares to Recycle?

Two days ago I wrote about how society, law, and the policies of our world contradict themselves.  Specifically, I wrote about how society asks us to not drive, to ride mass transit or bicycles or to walk, to stay off roads, minimize traffic and pollution, be more economical and environmentally conscious, etcetera.  That article turned about mid-way through into a rant about the mass transit organization. Even though perfectly applicable to the post, that portion of the post could have been made its own article.

In any case, after reflecting on my own post at a bus stop I came to realize even more about the contradictions in society in regards to environmentalism.

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Forced to Drive

“Take mass transit.  Commute.  Ride a bike. Do what you must to be economically conservative.  Be environmentally-friendly. Be health-conscious.”

You’ve heard the lines and the philosophies. The old-wives-tales, so to speak. Its a nice idea. Save on gasoline. It’s healthier to ride a bicycle. Save on insurance, maintenance and repair, parking fare, fairy fair, traffic and parking tickets and legal hassles, etc, etc.  Man, it would be nice.

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