Congratulations Due Al Qaeda – Let Me Be the First

Let me be the first to congratulate al Qaeda on a job well done.

Its been a little over eight years now, since your attacks.  It was your agenda to destroy America.  It was your goal to tear us down.  Although you may have meant to achieve this by destroying our economy with the World Trade Centers and our military leadership with the Pentagon, and failed in that regard, your goal was still realized.

Though the means may not have been what you intended, the ends were the same. America is destroyed. America is still being destroyed – at your hands.  Congratulations.

I respect how a backward cave people can plan something so well, to manage such of an impossible task.  David and Goliath. The feat seemed insurmountable at the time, and our pride and arrogance told us there was nothing to fear. I see now it was our downfall.

For we are so proud of a people that we struck back with such of a vengeance – not just with military forces abroad but with laws and policies here, to combat you in any devious way you may come at us – and in doing so we destroyed ourselves from within.

Since your marvelously well orchestrated attack on our nation:

  • we have had fear monger’s and bigots against Islam and the Muslim people, and Middle Easterners in general,  arise. Persecution and intolerance of the people, the culture, the religion, and anyone who may resemble someone who has an affiliation.  It used to be that we all “knew” a black man was going to steal a purse. Now we all “know” a dark skinned man has a bomb strapped to his chest.
    • Christians hypocrites have found a new enemy to in-tolerate in the name of Christ
    • Atheists have found a new religion which plays an active  influence in their lives to start mocking.
    • Americans in general have found a new reason to hate.
  • we have become more prejudiced and intolerant of the middle easterners, even had a few false accusations against good Muslim Americans.
  • we have had an out-surge of “American patriotism” – a facade for revenge, as those same so-called “patriotic” hypocrites mock America for everything else it does.
  • we have stepped up our war on the middle east – in the name of peace and tolerance.
  • we have instituted the Patriot Act, which allows our own government to step on our freedoms and to disregard our Constitutional rights as Americans.
  • we have compromised our notions of justice
    • the accused perpetrator of the attacks has spent the last nine or so years in prison, without ever seeing trial.
    • the accused perpetrator of the attacks is now going to trial, with a jury of 12 non-partisan Americans. What a laugh! He has no chance of being found innocent even if he happens to be, and any one of my readers could be the next one to be incarcerated first and tried later, made to look heinous and popularized as such so that a trial is nothing more than a farce. We already know how this trial is going to play out. Kind of makes you wonder why we even bother with the formality of a trial. Why dont we just start executing people without a trial? The affect is exactly the same, the value of justice is the same, except no possibly-innocent man has to endure ten years in prison first.
  • we have had inhumane treatment of prisoners, prisoners of war,  and the torturing of (accused) enemies of the state at off-shore military bases and prisons.
  • we have infringed upon our rights as Americans to free speech.  Wire taps and arrests are permitted in the name of national security. One is no longer able to speak freely of radical changes in the federal government without being deemed an anarchist or a fanatic or a terrorist. We can actually be arrested now for saying something that might be construed as violent (not a serious threat against an individual, but a drive to positive change against the government, for society). It reminds me of being blacklisted and arrested during the cold war for speaking poorly of capitalism.

Being an American is no longer the same thing as it used to be. We have compromised a lot. We have undone a lot.  America is not the same place it once was. All thanks be to you, al Qaeda.

You wanted to destroy us. You wanted to tear us down, to make us like you. To take away our freedoms, our rights, our privileges, and the way of life that you resented so much.

Congratulations on a job well done.



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