Atheism is a Religion

Define “religion”?

A Google search reveals a not-so-wide variety of meanings for the word.  The several varying definitions I found were pretty consistent, most all of which were pretty much synonymous to some extent.  It all boils down to, simply: An organized set of beliefs or values shared by the many people who subscribe to the same system, and whose beliefs pertain to divinity, spirituality, morality, after life, mysticism, ritualism, and other matters transcending physical reality.

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My Banks Notion of Security

I called my bank a month ago to check my balance.  My bank is Chase.   I was on the move, so I didn’t have some of my information in front of me.  Who memorizes their bank account number? Or credit/debit card number for that matter?  I had recently moved, and I didn’t even have my new address memorized yet either.  I had my name, my birth date, my social security number, what else do you need?  I didn’t have what they wanted, exactly, so I had to go through their phone security check. You wouldn’t believe the hoops you have to jump through to get access to your own account.

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On Being Ex-Military and Unemployed

When I got out of the military service – the navy – I had the hardest time finding work.  I still do, five years later.  I have tried to rationalize it. I have tried to ask questions and feel with my feelers about the hows and whys.

Understand this.  I didn’t join the service out of “not having options”.  I joined out of military tradition in my family, a sense of pride and loyalty.  To serve country.  I am a highly educated guy. I was before I joined and I’m even more-so now.  You know what I did in the navy?  I was what they called a “nuke”.  I played my part in maintaining, repairing, operating, managing, supervising… that’s right… a Nuclear Power Plant. One of the militaries most prestigious enlisted programs. I was an electrician, in addition to a nuke.

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