The Economic Detriment of an Education

It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that community colleges are over crowded. Education is fine, don’t get me wrong, but when you stand zero chance of succeeding in this ridiculous society of ours for a lack of it… quite a different story.

There are companies who wont hire you unless you have at least a bachelors degree and five years experience. It wouldn’t be so bad, either, if it wasn’t for the fact that the position they are hiring for is a minimum wage crap job seasonal employment at 15 hours a week.

You cant get on your feet in this world unless you crawled out of your mothers womb with a lifetimes experiences.  No one is willing to train any more, expecting you to be educated and have five years under your belt before your first application to your first job in the field. Oh, but we all know this expression already… how do you get experience if no one will give it?

Some other (more suspicious) companies will let you pay for your own training to get, what they call, “certified”. Even that would be fine if not for the fact that their certification is only recognized at the company in question, making it more of a profit making scheme than anything.

Its like McBurgers asking the 16 year old brat who probably wont be there a week to pay a hundred bucks to the company as a promise to take employment seriously, just to learn how to use a spatula; and even then with no guarantee that the employment will last longer than it takes to make up your losses.  Of course, all the while you are working for them.

You get offers like this from shady suit-and-tie sort of places that only ask for a resume to make themselves look more professional.  Even McBurgers will train you on their own tab. Why cant a slightly more prestigious employ?  Its not like Im applying for a doctor position at a hospital or anything. Any company requiring a certification should expect you to already have one before applying, and from a third party institution – not unlike a college degree, it would be applicable everywhere.

I know the economy is bad, but I have actually been rejected for 15 hour per week, minimum wage paying, temporary (two month) gigs on account that I lacked the credentials.  When I asked them who they were expecting for such a crappy and unreliable deal, they suggested that I have at least five years experience and an associates degree.  Oh, yeah, Im sure your 9 bucks an hour, 15 hours a week, for two months is well worth the college debt.  I’ll get right on it!  Its not like you cant train me to scoop the dog shit up, yourselves.

It used to be in America any high school drop out could succeed. A GED was great, a diploma was even better. Now, even an Associates degree is meaningless!

We keep upping the standards in order to beat the competition. And more often than not the job in no way requires the education they purport that you need.  Like shipping a bouncy ball in a ten foot padded crate – its overkill the product doesnt need.

Most college students dump all the material they learned as soon as the exam is over, anyway. How many of my readers could still pass their high school finals exams?  They never truly learn jack. All they are doing is going through the bureaucratic motions. Time and tuition money is what it costs to purchase a degree from a school. And purchasing it is all that it is, its a business transaction.  People buy their piece of paper, they frame it, and arrogantly demand more money in the work force because they have it. But they dont deserve it. School was a waste of time for them.

Except, it has also hurt the economy in the process… in that the degree hasnt added quality or ability to any employee, certainly not in a practical sense applicable to their field of work… all its done was made competition more harsh and employment more difficult.

There are some exceptions, of course, there always are and these exceptions are understandable – such as a medical doctor for example.  But why oh why do I need an associates degree to get a minimum wage paying job? Why do they say that you need at least a Bachelors in todays world?  What happens when everyone needs a masters or a doctorate instead? Its only a few years down the line. What happens when everyone actually gets a masters or a doctorate instead?

It turns out that you need money and wealth already to get the education in the first place, but chances are you are already set to begin with.  How is any lowly joe supposed to pay off the minor college debts of a mere associates degree on the “well earned” minimum wage job they get out of it?

Do you know what I find more distasteful than a 10% unemployment rate?  The fact that 5-10% of the employed people that I meet are holding down anywhere from 2 to 3 jobs!

Not the world I want to live in.



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