Criticisms of EBT

Since I started receiving food stamps, I have observed a few trends and phenomenon which I disapprove of and think should be corrected. The system is bogus.

For one, anyone on food stamps can buy junk food. Ice cream, chips, soda pop. These products have near zero nutritional value. Its no wonder the people who need EBT in the first place are the sort of “American trash” that end up with health problems, too. Junk food makes you slow, lazy, depressed, unwilling to work. It carries a huge psychological weight beyond that of the physical weight you will also inevitably bare.

I personally feel that junk foods should be stricken off of the EBT acceptance list. People who literally need the help don’t need the gluttony or the indulgence. We should indulge because we deserve. We should indulge as a personal reward, in moderation. And most especially we should indulge on our own hard earned dollar, not on someone elses tax contribution to the state.

What strikes me is that certain products, such as special diet products, special nutrition products, vitamins, certain health foods, these are already not on the EBT allow list. I cant get the vitamins I want. I cant get the performance drinks I want. I cant stay healthy, fit – of mind and body. I cant stay performing at my best, working to find work to get off of EBT. Oh, but I could buy a twenty pound box of candy bars though.

I can barely afford to eat with EBT. But my poor cat is hungrier than I am. Apparently, there are too many strays and unwanted pets in these United States. There are too many animals without home or shelter. The lucky ones are the ones found by animal shelters. Assuming they arent eventually put down, that is. Animal shelters and the pound are where animals go when they cant be taken care of.  These establishments are funded by donations directly from the people, most of which are tax deductible anyway.

And while we Americans on EBT are stuffing our own faces with candy bars bought on my neighbors tax money, my cat starves because EBT doesnt allow cat food – which forces me to decide between abandoning a beloved family member to a stranger or to the county.

I can buy a loaf of bread from the brand-name shelf brought in from a distributor.  But I cant buy bread made fresh at the bakery. The state considers that an indulgence, apparently.  Yes, doughnuts should be stricken from the list… but regular fresh baked bread?  If that is too great of an indulgence, then why are candy bars allowed?

They have this stipulation about food “ready to eat”.  Which is why fast food and bakery products and restaurants are not allowed.  But bread is ready to eat, isn’t it? So are candy bars, as a matter of fact.

I think indulgences should be disallowed.  This policy would seriously adjust what could and could not be allowed for food purchase.  I’m wondering how much the state would actually save in the long run if the promoted healthy foods (albeit perhaps not the special diet products), and disallowed the candy and chips and pastries… tossed cat food in, dog food, bakery products.  I think the economy and the health of the poor American would improve. I think peoples motivation and mental health will improve.

The healthier you eat, the less you eat. The more efficiently the body functions. Healthy foods would ultimately cause EBT users to spend less on their food stamp purchases, saving the state money.  And those who would choose to fill up on candy bars anyway will do so on their own dollar.

Frankly, its a matter of ethics. Yes, the state should offer EBT. I feel this socialized food is ethically obligatory.  But likewise the people should not be abusing it either.  Abuse makes it more costly for the state than it needs to be.

Making note of the socialist trend in medical care as of recent, I think this would be a good move for the state in regards to food stamps. Improved health now would save money on state-funded medical care later.  Isn’t it ironic that this socialized medical trend will eventually allow you to get surgery for free, but EBT wont let you buy bandages now?  If your tooth hurts, go to the dentist on the states tab – on the tax payers tab. And yet EBT wont let you buy toothpaste now, no matter how badly you may need it.  The state is willing to let your teeth rot out of your mouth, incapacitating you with pain, because you’re not allowed to spend $5 on toothpaste every 3 months via EBT  – but they will cover your $900 dental bill six months down the line.

I think food stamps shouldn’t just be for food, though.  I think it should be for all the necessities of life.  I said necessities.  That includes food and toothpaste alike. It should cover one gallon of water, per person per day, on the water bill. If you are so poor that you need EBT to cover your tab then, well, necessities are still necessities and income is still zero.  Id hate to be arrested for strolling down the street stark naked because I couldn’t afford to buy myself clothing –  “I wont give you what you need to live a law-abiding life, and I will arrest you for not.”  I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused at this point.



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