Criticisms of EBT

Since I started receiving food stamps, I have observed a few trends and phenomenon which I disapprove of and think should be corrected. The system is bogus.

For one, anyone on food stamps can buy junk food. Ice cream, chips, soda pop. These products have near zero nutritional value. Its no wonder the people who need EBT in the first place are the sort of “American trash” that end up with health problems, too. Junk food makes you slow, lazy, depressed, unwilling to work. It carries a huge psychological weight beyond that of the physical weight you will also inevitably bare.

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Receiving Stolen Goods – How the Law is Practiced

Did you know that you could be prosecuted for the possession of stolen goods if those goods were given to you for free, whether or not you knew it was stolen?

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Women Workers and Additional Income

Its not that women in the workforce have, in themselves, caused a detriment to our economy. Rather, its women and their husbands who both work that have hurt the economy.

Has it occured to anyone that since wives stopped being housewives while both the husband and the wife work, the cost of living has drastically risen.

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A New Educational Standard

This post is in response to a fellow blogger.

This blogger has a rather genius idea to offer certifications (not unlike a Journeyman’s license) in all fields of expertise… a general sort of “life experience degree”.

I love the idea. But I also see a hiccup with it… or perhaps a separate implication entirely…
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The Economic Detriment of an Education

It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that community colleges are over crowded. Education is fine, don’t get me wrong, but when you stand zero chance of succeeding in this ridiculous society of ours for a lack of it… quite a different story.

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American Socialism and Why Communism Fails

Many Americans may resent the notion that the United States is a socialist country.  I’m not saying that it should be or that it shouldnt be.  Im saying that it already is. It has been for many many decades now, even over a century.  Though many people pridefully if not arrogantly presume otherwise.

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On Being Ex-Military and Unemployed

When I got out of the military service – the navy – I had the hardest time finding work.  I still do, five years later.  I have tried to rationalize it. I have tried to ask questions and feel with my feelers about the hows and whys.

Understand this.  I didn’t join the service out of “not having options”.  I joined out of military tradition in my family, a sense of pride and loyalty.  To serve country.  I am a highly educated guy. I was before I joined and I’m even more-so now.  You know what I did in the navy?  I was what they called a “nuke”.  I played my part in maintaining, repairing, operating, managing, supervising… that’s right… a Nuclear Power Plant. One of the militaries most prestigious enlisted programs. I was an electrician, in addition to a nuke.

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