On Being Ex-Military and Unemployed

When I got out of the military service – the navy – I had the hardest time finding work.  I still do, five years later.  I have tried to rationalize it. I have tried to ask questions and feel with my feelers about the hows and whys.

Understand this.  I didn’t join the service out of “not having options”.  I joined out of military tradition in my family, a sense of pride and loyalty.  To serve country.  I am a highly educated guy. I was before I joined and I’m even more-so now.  You know what I did in the navy?  I was what they called a “nuke”.  I played my part in maintaining, repairing, operating, managing, supervising… that’s right… a Nuclear Power Plant. One of the militaries most prestigious enlisted programs. I was an electrician, in addition to a nuke.

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