The Dilemmas of the Job

I work in a restaurant. I wont say which or where.  I hate hypocrisy. I hate double standards. I hate capitalist agendas and bureaucracy.  I hate the fakeness of “going through the motions.”  Over the past several months I have observed, and been told by management, how to be and what to do, and generally policed over by contradictory rules and forced into zero-option scenarios, where the only way out is guaranteed to be a wrong way.
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Voting Paradox – Majority Out of Three

Is a majority vote out of three still a majority vote out of three if the first two votes are voiced and heard by all before the third vote is even cast?

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Criticisms of EBT

Since I started receiving food stamps, I have observed a few trends and phenomenon which I disapprove of and think should be corrected. The system is bogus.

For one, anyone on food stamps can buy junk food. Ice cream, chips, soda pop. These products have near zero nutritional value. Its no wonder the people who need EBT in the first place are the sort of “American trash” that end up with health problems, too. Junk food makes you slow, lazy, depressed, unwilling to work. It carries a huge psychological weight beyond that of the physical weight you will also inevitably bare.

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American Socialism and Why Communism Fails

Many Americans may resent the notion that the United States is a socialist country.  I’m not saying that it should be or that it shouldnt be.  Im saying that it already is. It has been for many many decades now, even over a century.  Though many people pridefully if not arrogantly presume otherwise.

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Congratulations Due Al Qaeda – Let Me Be the First

Let me be the first to congratulate al Qaeda on a job well done.

Its been a little over eight years now, since your attacks.  It was your agenda to destroy America.  It was your goal to tear us down.  Although you may have meant to achieve this by destroying our economy with the World Trade Centers and our military leadership with the Pentagon, and failed in that regard, your goal was still realized.

Though the means may not have been what you intended, the ends were the same. America is destroyed. America is still being destroyed – at your hands.  Congratulations.

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Forced to Drive

“Take mass transit.  Commute.  Ride a bike. Do what you must to be economically conservative.  Be environmentally-friendly. Be health-conscious.”

You’ve heard the lines and the philosophies. The old-wives-tales, so to speak. Its a nice idea. Save on gasoline. It’s healthier to ride a bicycle. Save on insurance, maintenance and repair, parking fare, fairy fair, traffic and parking tickets and legal hassles, etc, etc.  Man, it would be nice.

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Is This the New American Justice?

Something gravely worries me about our notion of justice.  I came across a few articles and vlogs over the past few days on the topic of these men accused of orchestrating the attacks on September 11, 2001 finally going to trial in New York.  These articles – the vlogs mainly – sounded all happy and excited, thanking the world that “justice was finally being served”, criticizing the government for taking so long, and similar such comments.  Well, let me just tell you that I feel some degree of sympathy for those men who are going to trial…

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