The Dilemmas of the Job

I work in a restaurant. I wont say which or where.  I hate hypocrisy. I hate double standards. I hate capitalist agendas and bureaucracy.  I hate the fakeness of “going through the motions.”  Over the past several months I have observed, and been told by management, how to be and what to do, and generally policed over by contradictory rules and forced into zero-option scenarios, where the only way out is guaranteed to be a wrong way.
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Voting Paradox – Majority Out of Three

Is a majority vote out of three still a majority vote out of three if the first two votes are voiced and heard by all before the third vote is even cast?

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“If I Was a Betting Man…”

I have heard this expression before, many times.  I have even used it once or twice. But after a few minutes of thought, I realized how absurd the expression is.  That is, from a logical and rhetorical perspective.  I realized it today and laughed out loud at the thought of what the expression really means, and the mentality of those who think/thought it makes sense (myself included).

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Switching the Track

Imagine you are at the train track switch. Down the main track there are ten kids playing on the track. Down the second unused track there is only one. A train comes, the track is aligned toward the ten kids. Do you switch the track and sacrifice the one?

Most people would answer yes, switch the track.  Not to sound callous, but I’m here to tell you how wrong that is.

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The Nature of Reality

The question was posed to me:

Is pi – the ratio between the circles circumference and its diameter – a constant approximating 3.14159? How can we be certain that math is ever truly “right”?

As it just so happens, we can be certain that it isn’t. Most of math is in fact wrong.

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The Failings of Small Claims Court

When I was in small claims court a couple months ago, a few things totally threw me for a loop and darn near pissed me off.

First of all, I’m sure most people have heard the expression, “winning is easy, good luck getting what you’re owed”. Well… would you like to know why this happens? I know exactly why and I will tell you…

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North Pole Riddles

If an animal takes ten steps southwards, ten more steps eastwards, then ten more steps northwards, just to arrive at the same place he started… what’s the animal?

I’m sure everyone has heard that riddle before. The animal is at the north pole, hence the confusing geometry. And what animals are at the north pole?

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