Atheism is a Religion

Define “religion”?

A Google search reveals a not-so-wide variety of meanings for the word.  The several varying definitions I found were pretty consistent, most all of which were pretty much synonymous to some extent.  It all boils down to, simply: An organized set of beliefs or values shared by the many people who subscribe to the same system, and whose beliefs pertain to divinity, spirituality, morality, after life, mysticism, ritualism, and other matters transcending physical reality.

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Congratulations Due Al Qaeda – Let Me Be the First

Let me be the first to congratulate al Qaeda on a job well done.

Its been a little over eight years now, since your attacks.  It was your agenda to destroy America.  It was your goal to tear us down.  Although you may have meant to achieve this by destroying our economy with the World Trade Centers and our military leadership with the Pentagon, and failed in that regard, your goal was still realized.

Though the means may not have been what you intended, the ends were the same. America is destroyed. America is still being destroyed – at your hands.  Congratulations.

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The Nature of Reality

The question was posed to me:

Is pi – the ratio between the circles circumference and its diameter – a constant approximating 3.14159? How can we be certain that math is ever truly “right”?

As it just so happens, we can be certain that it isn’t. Most of math is in fact wrong.

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Why Would Chaos and Hedonism Ensue If Doomsday Were Immanent?

Suppose for a moment, hypothetically, that the crazy Mayan prediction is true and December 2012 marks the end of civilization. Suppose we knew it and saw it coming, doomsday was indeed upon us. When asked “how would you live your life?”, “what would you do?”, and similar such questions, most people that I have seen answer these questions have stated an answer of the sort: “live it up”, “have fun”, and the like.

Others suggest that if the governments of the world knew that doomsday was coming, they wouldn’t tell the people of the world for fear of panic, chaos and rioting.

This has always puzzled me. What rationalization would anyone have to either be chaotic or be hedonistic if they found out their lives were about to end? Personally, I would find religion. There is a rationality to my choice, and a rationality to my criticisms of those who would choose differently.

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Is This the New American Justice?

Something gravely worries me about our notion of justice.  I came across a few articles and vlogs over the past few days on the topic of these men accused of orchestrating the attacks on September 11, 2001 finally going to trial in New York.  These articles – the vlogs mainly – sounded all happy and excited, thanking the world that “justice was finally being served”, criticizing the government for taking so long, and similar such comments.  Well, let me just tell you that I feel some degree of sympathy for those men who are going to trial…

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Why Christianity Validates Mormonism

Don’t Mormons consider themselves Christians? I mean, as a denomination to Christianity?  Perhaps not.  They do believe in Christ, though, and that Christ walked the Americas. Most Christians that I have spoken to don’t really consider Mormonism as a denomination of Christianity.  Much like the Christian mentality toward Islam, actually. Read my post on The Christian Relationship to Islam. Mormons give credit and credence to Christianity, but the opposite is not true as a general rule.

As I mentioned in the article I wrote (the above link), I have done some comparative religion studies and am very fascinated by their consistencies and their relationships.

I asked the question, “Is Mormonism a legitimate religion?”  Is it a legitimate offshoot of Christianity? Is it just as valid as any other denomination?  These questions, and those like it, have taken me down an interesting road when it comes to Mormonism.

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The Christian Relationship to Islam

Its my understanding that, for all intent and purpose, the Qu’ran is just another Book, another Word, and yet another “denominational” offshoot of Christianity.  Islam is as valid as, say, Judaism or Protestantism are; each have their place and association with Orthodox Catholicism.

Historically speaking, Islam came about several centuries after Christ and the birth of Catholicism.

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