“Let’s Hang Out as Friends Before We Consider Romance”

I have consolidated a list of three possible reasons women say this line to a man who asks her out on a date.

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Friendliness, Intimacy, Charm, and Creepiness

I have a friend… more of an acquaintance… who recently moved a couple hours away for university. She posted on her Facebook status how a guy sitting next to her in class was “creepy”. Apparently he was “violating her bubble” in his endeavor to be friendly.

I responded to her criticisms of him with this…
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Transsexuals and Their Treatment

In response to an article criticizing transphobes and hate by citing the death rate of transsexual people.  The article cited that within the last six months or so, 83 transsexuals have been murdered worldwide.

Not to sound callous here… but let me toss in a few variables for you to consider.

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Homosexuality and the Church

This post is in response to a fellow blogger who reported on a Bishop of Church of England. It is not the intention of this post to mock or criticize or insult the homosexual community. But frankly I don’t understand why this tension exists between the Church and the community.

Why is it so offensive to the homosexual community to be rejected by their associated faiths?

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Bisexuality That Really Isn’t

I believe that there is another type of bisexual. Actually, not really a bisexual at all. In fact, let me backtrack… I wish to criticize the notion that all women are a ‘little’ bi.  I am referring to an article by a fellow blogger titled Bisexuals on Parade (posted one year ago today) in which the author argued that several different types of bisexual women existed, and also argued that all women are a little bit bi.  I wish to argue that there is yet another unmentioned type of bisexual which undermines the notion that all women are a little bi, as it is more of a criticism of societies impressionableness and how easily confused one can be made.

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